Friday, February 17, 2012

Talking solar at the CCGT

I spoke for the second time at the Chicago Center for Green Technology last Tuesday night.  The first time was last September and it went well enough for them to invite me back for another go at it.  My presentation covered solar water heating technologies in a broad way and has been set up to be a continuing education course for AIA architects.  Despite it being Valentine's Day, we had a rather large turn out with over 40 people in the audience.  The CCGT has been seeing strong attendance with all the their courses in this winter session.  I feel the general awareness level of the public is continuing to grow with respect to sustainable building practices and with solar technologies in particular.  The questions from the audience were more technical and specifically focused for projects that people are seriously considering.  I have even had 2 subsequent site evaluations from my talk for solar projects in Chicago from people interested in solar for their particular buildings.

I speak all the time about solar water heating and solar technologies in general so feel free to reach out to me about arranging a talk with your group!

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