Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nothing clean about coal

Coal has been a tremendous asset for the industrialization of the world over the last 200+ years.  Over half of our electricity is produced with coal and it is a major source of American jobs.  The spin doctors at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity go too far, however, when they claim that carbon capture and sequestration will make coal "clean."  Even if carbon capture wasn't an implausible fantasy on the scale of Reagan's Star Wars program, coal is dirty throughout its journey from extraction, processing, transportation, smokestack and finally fly ash disposal.  Clean coal initiatives address none of those other yucky bits.

The folks at Funny or Die realize the power of satire and ridicule to move public opinion.  Check out their little ditty about the latest "energy drink" to hit the shelves:

- I drink [use] it everyday because it's really my only choice.

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